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Willy Tonka Golden Ticket Lottery

Willy Tonka Golden Ticket Lottery

Everyone knows the story of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and the famous owner of the factory: Willy Wonka. Inspired by this great mind and legendary inventor of magnificent machines we created our own liquid candy with one of our favorite spices: Tonka.

And just like that, the name Willy Tonka was created. Through the years the Willy Tonka beers developed their characteristic flavor: Tonka and chocolate being the most prominent, paired with flavors such as peanut, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and vanilla. With every new Willy Tonka our brewers create another delicacy, only brewing with the highest quality standards and only using real ingredients, no artificials. We even go to the length of working with the best craftspeople in the business such as KRAK Chocolade and Coffee Collective. While you sip and peel that label off, our brewers are already busy thinking of a new exciting recipe.

But what’s Willy Wonka without his Golden Tickets? Little fun! That’s why we’ve added Golden Tickets in every batch of Willy Tonka beers from day one. In 2022 a few unique codes are worth a box full of Moersleutel beers and goodies. We will also release limited edition Willy Tonka glasses for every Golden Ticket winner and we hope to welcome all winners in our brewery when that is possible again. This way every winner can get the real Willy Tonka experience, seeing our Oompa Loompas doing the hard work of developing & creating liquid candy.

We just released our first Willy Tonka of the year: Tonka, Chocolate & Liquorice. Also available in our webshop. Want to learn more about our Willy Tonka releases in 2022? Go to

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