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Moersleutel / Hovercraft Freestyle

Moersleutel / Hovercraft Freestyle

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Style:  East Coast TIPA 
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  10%
Nuts / Peanut: No
BBD: 16-05-2023
The world is constantly evolving, changing shape and taking new turns. Beer is no exception. With New England IPAs rising everywhere, and West Coast IPAs making some appearances still, there is a style that seems to be forgotten - East Coast IPAs. In beer history, this was an important transitional style that eventually brought us the current populair NEIPAs. Where West Coast IPAs are a bit more resinous and piney, and New England IPAs are more juicy and fruity, the East Coast IPAs offer notes of caramel paired with juice and fruit flavors while keeping a balanced bitterness that we want from IPAs. Friendships and beer styles are not to be forgotten. So, together with Floem, we crafted this East Coast IPA to honor the style and, most likely present it to a bigger crowd. A malt bill comprised of Maris Otter and Golden Promise blend, paired with some Golden Naked Oats for a residual caramel flavor. Layered with 11gr/L hotside of Simcoe and Pink Boots hop blend for stone fruit flavors and some light resin notes. Then, with a modern approach, Dry hopped it twice with Cryo Amarillo and Simcoe for a pungent fruity aroma and a mellow bitter finish.

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