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Shipping info & Returns

Dear customers,

Hereby we'd like to give you an update regarding Brexit. 

Shipping problems

Because of Brexit we are currently seeing a lot of problems with shipments heading to the UK. Many packages are being returned to us or experiencing huge delays at customs.

Unfortunately, the information provided to us by different service partners varies greatly which makes it difficult to update everyone on their specific situation. 

What we'll do with UK orders for now

To avoid further complications during shipment, we are suspending shipments to the UK until further notice. We are doing this with the best interests of our customers and with the sole intention of avoiding problems and delays and additional costs. As soon as we have a solution, we'll let you know right away!

If you have any questions

Until then, we apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have better news soon. If you have any questions, please contact our support at webshop@moersleutel.com

Advent Calendar discount code valid date

Furthermore, if you ordered a Advent Calendar last year don't worry about the valid date of your discount code, we have set the expiration date of the discount code to later this year.

Kinds regards,

Team Moersleutel 


Shipping information:

We ship to everywhere you are. 

The shipping costs per country are:

Countries  Shipping costs:   Shipping cost by spending >100 euro   Free shipping for orders above:
Netherlands                                     6,25  Free  50,00
Belgium                                     9,00  Free  100,00
Germany                                     9,00  Free  100,00
Poland                                    15,00 5,00 125,00
France                                      15,00 5,00 125,00
United Kingdom                                     15,00 5,00 125,00
Hungary                                    19,95                                    9,95 150,00
Austria                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Slovenia                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Slovakia                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Romania                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Croatia                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Czech Republic                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Ireland                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Portugal                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Spain                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Bulgaria                                 19,95                                 9,95 150,00
Italie 19,95 9,95 150,00
Greece                                 25,00                               15,00 250,00
Denmark                                 25,00                               15,00 250,00
Estonia                                 25,00                               15,00 250,00
Latavia                                 25,00                               15,00 250,00
Lithuania                                 25,00                               15,00 250,00
Sweden                                 25,00                               15,00 250,00
Finland                                 25,00                               15,00 250,00
Norway, Switzerland  0-5 kg                             27,25  
   5-10 kg                                36,50  
   10-21 kg                                55,00  
Rest of the world  0-5 kg                                50,00  
   5-10 kg                                80,00  
   10-21 kg                              105,00  



If you would like to pick up your order, that can be done at the brewery, the day after you placed your order (on weekdays).

Your order will be ready and waiting for you at: Diamantweg 9, 1812 NH, Alkmaar (behind Warehouse Stiho)



We almost can't believe it, but if you're not fully satisfied with your order, or if there's something wrong, you can return it. Please contact us at info@brouwerijdemoersleutel.nl before you do so we help you out.

We accept returns that are within the following conditions:

- The item(s) are returned within 14 days after the package was received.

- The item(s) are in the same condition as you received them.

- The item(s) are not worn, washed or used.

If the previous conditions are met you can send your order back to.

Brouwerij De Moersleutel
Diamantweg 9, 1812 NH, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

*Shipping costs for returned packages are not covered*


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