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Moersleutel / Willy Tonka - Tonka, Red Beet & Chocolate

Moersleutel / Willy Tonka - Tonka, Red Beet & Chocolate

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Style:   Imperial Stout with Tonka Beans, Red beet and Chocolate
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  12%
Nuts / Peanut: Yes
BBD: 07-12-2024


About this beer

Head brewer drops the beat, brewers drop the beet, marketing takes the heat. We combined something extraordinary and new, not only on Willy Tonka but in the whole brewery, beetroot juice with chocolate. Vegetables in the Chocolate Factory? That’s right! Earthy notes from the beetroot paired with citrus and tropical notes from the Belize cocoa nibs, combined together with spicy tonka they all come together in perfect harmony. Poured in your glass it unveils a shy purple head on a thick, full flavored beer. Cheers!

Willy Tonka Golden Tickets

What’s Willy Wonka without Golden Tickets? No fun! That’s why we’ve added Golden Tickets in every batch of Willy Tonka beers from day one. Every Golden Ticket is worth a box full of Moersleutel beers and goodies. Peel the label, scan the QR, leave your unique code and see if you've won a Golden Ticket in your mailbox!

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