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Moersleutel / 6 Years Pim

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Style:   Imperial Stout with loads of cocoa
Vol:  44cl
ABV:  11%
Nuts / Peanut: No
BBD: Not available

Oops, we were wrong.

On the label it states that PIM, chief of Moersleutel, and fourth of the six anniversary beers, holds 50 grams of cocoa per liter. But that was a wrong calculation. It’s actually 62 grams of cocoa per liter! 😎🔥

Now if that doesn’t blow your mind yet, think of it this way: A regular bar of chocolate is usually 100 grams. So basically each PIM can, holds 1/3 of a bar of chocolate! Now you see? It’s a lot of chocolate! 🤤

Don’t be mistaken. ☝️ This is not your ordinary “loads of milk chocolate” stout. This cocoa is of a beautiful quality, which invites you to discover all kinds of delicate flavors. A subtle layering of red fruits, some caramel and maybe a bit of honey. No extra adjuncts, just good cocoa. With a beautiful dark bitter to balance it all out.

Refined and challenging, just like Pim!

Whenever he drops around the brewery, he snugs a beer glass from someone or takes a sample of whatever adjuncts we're using at that time. The myth goes that Pim has been hoarding all those chocolate samples and kept them hidden around the brewery. He's our little brewery Gremlin. 👀 Luckily we found all the cocoa nibs he's been hiding and made the craziest and chocolatiest beer we've ever made!

Pim thinks this is the best beer in our 6 Years Anniversary series. We get it. We hear different opinions, based on who you ask. 😵‍💫 He’s not wrong!

11% so still a bit of space to taste the last two beers of our 6Y Anniversary set! Or are you giving up already? 🤪 Don’t drink it too cold, or you’ll miss out on all the fun! Cheers! 🍻🔧

Moersleutel / 6 Years Pim

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De Moersleutel familie


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