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Moersleutel - Beer Advent Calendar Box 2022

Moersleutel - Beer Advent Calendar Box 2022

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Join The Guild for €44 a month and get the Advent as your first box! Each Guild Member will receive a FREE UPGRADE to the advent calendar. The Guild is the gift that keeps on giving! Each two months 12-16 Moersleutel beers delivered to your door, including our top rated Indulgence


Don't wait too long: Offer stands till November 30th and as long as the supplies last (currently 90% sold)



What you will receive

Our Advent box is packed with 24 big, bold and flavourful Moersleutel curated beers, of which 5 are barrel aged stouts. Mostly Moersleutel, some collabs. It’s the best beer geek Christmas gift you can get for yourself, your friend, or shared together (our cans are big enough to split, if you feel like sharing 😉)! 

The content of the Advent box:

  • 5 Moersleutel barrel aged beers

  • 8 beers EXCLUSIVELY available in this Advent Box

  • A mix of beer styles and flavours. Some sweet, some classic. But, as you can expect from us, this is a stout-heavy Box. 

  • The Box will contain a couple of known and loved beers, but mostly new stuff, brewed for the winter months. 

  • Gifts and surprises!


How to order

Option 1:

Only get the Moersleutel Christmas Advent Box.
Make a separate purchase of €165 through this page on our webshop.

(24 beers for € 165) 

PLEASE NOTE: the boxes are sent from a different warehouse, so we can't ship extra items with your advent. Make two separate orders. One order for your Advent, and one order if there's anything else you'd like from our webshop. Thank you! 📦 

Option 2:

Join the Guild, our Beer Membership Box! The Guild will deliver 12-16 Moersleutel beers to your door, every two months. Including our very special and top rated Indulgence beer series. Indulgence is a barrel-aged imperial stout that we brew exclusively for Guild Members. Using the best quality barrels we have in our brewery and top notch ingredients. 

Each Guild Member will receive the Advent Box upgrade for free! Head over to our Guild form and join our Guild! More info here. 
Please note: If you’re becoming a new Member and want this Advent upgrade, you’ll be required to be a member for at least 3 Guild Boxes. You won’t regret it!
48+ beers for € 264 (excl shipping outside the Netherlands), spread payment over 6 months possible).  

We're looking forward to your response to our superdeluxe Box. Let’s celebrate December together!

The Moersleutel Family 🍻🔧

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